Dating Filipinas

Speaking English and the Philippines: Why it Matters

If you’re looking to find a Filipino bride, and you’ve been told of how loving, affectionate, sweet, and loyal they are then you’ve come to the right place.

Believe it or not, as far away as it may be from your home country, the Philippines has really taken to and popularized the English language. This means, whether online or in person, speaking English can bring you a lot of success with not only finding the best Filipina possible for marriage, but, also one that will be most meaningful to your life.

While Tagalog is the dominant language in the Philippines, English is taught in both schools and the community – and is a major goal for most Filipinos. So, with that being said, if you’re looking to date and one day marry a Filipina, then read on to learn these 5 key points of why speaking English is so advantageous, and certain to get you the Filipina wife of your dreams!

1. English means better communication for you

If you’re always dreamed of or wondered what it would be like to meet and marry the Asian woman of your dreams, then the Philippines makes perfect sense. And, what better way to find true happiness, discover another language, and culture than with one that speaks the native language you are most familiar with?

So, while it’s true better communication can enhance a relationship, this, on top of the reality that Western influence is very strong in the Philippines makes it the perfect fit for Americans and other foreigners seeking a Filipino bride. Even better, Filipinas have managed to combine their own culture, integrate it with American customs, culture, and language!

Filipinas are very ambitious and outgoing towards learning new languages, cultures, and especially English. This means you’ll get extra ‘brownie points’ for speaking it, and chances are whether you meet her online or in person, she’ll speak at least basic English so you two can get to know each other better.

2. A more sophisticated and educated woman

It should be appreciated that Filipinas who speak the most, or are fluent in English are likely to have at least a high school education and some college. This means you will be able to attract and mingle with intellectual, educated, and outgoing beautiful women that have a genuine desire to travel the world, and make a business for themselves one day – or other profitable career.

If and when you visit the Philippines, you’ll notice that those Filipinas who speak English are also often the ones who most likely have traveled before, are familiar with American culture, and have a genuine desire to only date and marry a foreign man.

As we’ll discuss further below, you’ll see that English – and Western influence- can play a major role in raising successful, talented, and intelligent children.

3. Diverse Language and Culture

If you’re Filipino bride searching, you’re going to find that most Filipinas you meet online and in person that speak English also speak Tagalog, but may even speak the local dialect from their home province – which really adds to overall appeal and sophistication.

After all, how many American women can you say you’ve met who can speak such a multitude of languages? So, while yes, the Philippines has its share of economic and or government problems, if you look at it from this perspective you’re sure to appreciate that they truly are bright and unique!

Remember, as far as language goes this works both ways, and means that it would also be an opportunity for you to learn Tagalog or other Filipino languages – should you decide to visit the Philippines.

Filipinas are absolutely gorgeous, petite, take good care of their health, hygiene, and are not like any other Southeast Asian woman you’ll ever meet!

4. Easier for integration back home

Dating and marrying a Filipino bride that speaks English means you have the best of both worlds – so to speak. In other words, you’ll be able to meet and marry a young, sexy, and intelligent Filipina that is also familiar with your culture and language.

So, you don’t have to worry about as many – if at all – weird stares or presumptuous criticism back home from people that think your Filipina lover is just another “Filipino Mail-order Bride”.

This also means that it won’t be so difficult as opposed to you dating, meeting, or marrying an Asian woman from another country like Thailand (albeit they do speak some English there), Cambodia, or Vietnam where more than likely it’ll be a major crap shoot as to whether or not – and how fluent – they actually speak English.

5. Meaningful for raising your own family

When you marry the Filipino Bride of your dreams, you can find peace and pleasure in knowing that it won’t be as difficult to raise them, and that both you and your Filipina wife will be speaking the same – and then some – languages to him or her.

This also opens up the door for major academic endeavors, opportunities, and even international work opportunities for your children one day – just think of all the languages and diversity they’ll have!

Best of all, Filipino culture is extremely unique, loving, and unique in that they take great pride in loyalty, family first, and always being there for their loved ones – no matter how tough life might be. This will also translate into your children’s outlook on life one day.

Last but not least, this makes dating Filipinas online, meeting a Filipino bride, and communicating all the easier before one day visiting the Philippines. And, once you’re here, you’ll be a lot better off in terms of understanding the culture, interacting with Filipinos, and making a life for yourself here – or back home with your Filipino wife.

Because English is spoken so frequently here and U.S. currency is understood in the Philippines, it really adds to overall desirability and benefits to being a major destination for any foreigner looking to meet the perfect Filipino bride.