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Where To Find Beautiful Women From The Philippines?

The Philippines is known not only for its beautiful landscape but also for its beautiful and charming ladies. Many foreign men are dreaming of marrying Filipino brides.

These women are dedicated, sweet and conservative. If you are looking for Filipina girls for marriage, you must visit these places:


1. Manila. The capital of the country is the best place to start off. Life in the city is quite different from the provinces. Girls generally have college degrees and most of them work in call centers, banks and government offices.

Many ladies also live in extreme poverty and struggle to survive on a daily basis. In spite of the poor situation, studying in a university is their primary goal. This is due to the fact that work opportunities are rare for those who don’t possess a diploma.


2. Cebu. The island in the heart of the Visayas region. It’s just impossible to resist its charm. Known for its white-sand beaches, Cebu is also popular for its smooth skinned women.

They are well-educated and they speak perfect English. Many of them travel to Manila or work abroad after getting a degree. The lifestyle, although modern in many aspects, is still heavily influenced by Catholicism.

Hence, they put faith and family as the center of their lives. Chastity is also very important and engaging in pre-marital sex is a big no.


3. Davao. Famous for being the cleanest city in the Philippines, this is the place to go if you are searching for Filipina dating and marriage. Get ready to meet decent girls with sun-kissed skin.

Respect for women is expected from tourists. If you don’t want to get into trouble, it is best to research first about the city’s values and traditions before visiting.


4. Iloilo. The province is famous for ancient churches, paradise beaches and of course pretty ladies with a sweet smile. Even when they are angry, the tone of their voice is still calm and soothing.

Iloilo is also well-advanced in terms of technology, fashion and overall lifestyle.

Philippine brides from this place are modern but not liberal. Just like Cebuanas, they value their faith and put family on top of their priorities.

These are just some of the places in the Philippines where you can meet your dream Filipino bride. It is important to learn about the country’s traditions and values so you know what to expect. If you have the best intentions, you will surely succeed in finding your ideal wife.

Philippines Travel

Travelling To and Around the Philippines

Travellers looking for an Asian adventure have traditionally visited the popular destinations of Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, choosing from any number of pre-organised package tours.

With today’s traveller able to make direct arrangements on the internet, less established destinations are increasingly attracting a new group of tourists and the Philippines is one such example of this.

Comprising over 7,000 islands, it is home to some of the World’s most breathtaking, undisturbed and fascinating locations for those looking for something a little off the beaten track.

Whether it’s scuba diving with Whale Sharks, hiking up volcanoes, exploring underground rivers or simply relaxing on picture perfect white beaches, there is something for everyone and yet, it still remains one of the most under-advertised destinations in SE Asia.

Getting to the Philippines has never been easier with an ever-increasing domestic and international network of airlines operating to and from various regional airports.

Manila International Airport is the country’s official main airport with Clark International, adjacent to Angeles City, fast becoming a popular alternative. As from 1 October 2013, Emirates (international carrier for United Arab Emirates) is adding daily flights in/out of Clark International with other airlines expressing their intention to follow.

Once in the Philippines, there are a number of larger bus operators running between major towns and cities throughout the day and night. Travel rates are cheap and those looking for an authentic experience can even opt for the more basic local services which don’t include aircon although in the height of Summer, this may be too much even for the experienced!

Hop-on/ hop-off jeepneys provide in-town transportation along all major routes or motorbike trikes can be picked up from any street kerb but travellers are reminded to negotiate rates before setting off.philippines

With the additional influx of visitors, real estate developers have reacted quickly and the skylines of Manila, Cebu and Angeles City are now home to beautiful, western style condominium developments for foreigners at price ranges to suit all budgets.

Investors need to tread carefully before buying a condo in the Philippines as there are very specific limits and rules regarding foreign ownership of real estate.

A really useful guide which every foreigner contemplating buying a condominium should read is Mike Williams’ aptly named “A Foreigner’s Guide to Buying a New Condominium in the Philippines”, available from

Amongst other topics, the guide covers the applicable laws, rules & regulations, permits and the sales process together with setting out practical tips for helping choose the right developer.

With a cool drink in hand and the sun setting on the horizon, those who have made the effort to visit this amazing country will surely wonder how much longer the Philippines will remain one of Asia’s best kept secret destinations.

Philippines Travel

Meeting Your Filipina Girlfriend Overseas

How to Plan a Successful First Meeting in The Philippines after Meeting Someone Online

Lovely Filipina Bride

Online brides, marriage services and relationships consulting to bridge the gap between countries are booming. Yes, men are getting their fair choice in life for a change. Getting married to a woman you met online can be very exciting and frightening at the same time. Many others have been before you and succeeded.

Here are some ideas to help!

Meeting a Filipina woman for the first time after you have arranged to visit them in their country can actually be a little more nerve racking than you first think, especially if your intentions are to get married. Those nerves can come on half-way to meeting your Philippine bride-to-be, when you are on a plane, for example.

1. Proper travel arrangements

Safe travel is always important. Just because you are going for love doesn’t mean you can forget about that. Make sure all the arrangements are clear between you and your girl. Hopefully, the woman you are hopping to marry has given you a lot of good advice before you go – if not – check out this site for some great tips on meeting and dating Filipinas.

Verify the locations you are going to visit and do a bit of research about them, this will help you to feel more comfortable and secure. Set convenient times for both of you considering your own personal needs.

2. Learn some basic language and ‘how to’ get around – you don’t want to rely on her only

Who else will help you? Do you know her language? You want to be able to move around independently and feel safe. If you don’t have any friend in the area, you are going to, is a good idea considering about hiring a local guide or even a foreigner who will help you with locations and communication. If possible, take a local tour before you meet her so you will have a general idea of the city, helps you to get a better understanding of the lifestyle and cultural issues.

3. Meet your overseas-to-be-bride for the first time, and physical appearances

Often times we have too high expectations for the first meeting and then later we feel almost let down. This makes us feel discouraged in the online dating world, and also dating in general. Being objective about the situation, remind ourselves we need to keep an open-mind, especially when meeting someone whom we have only been interacting online.

Communicating with someone online and having chemistry with the person is different than meeting face to face and may not feel the same. Sometimes, it is easy to discuss anything on the phone or even online than personally. Don’t forget, our levels of comfort with someone cannot just be judged by online communication.

4. It is normal to feel nervous

Seducing Filipina WomenWe all feel very nervous about our first meeting with someone. That is absolutely normal human behavior. For example, we tend to worry too much about what the other person is going to think about us, and we think too much about what to wear so we look good.

We want to impress. All these factors often result in someone getting nervous, and nerves can come on all of a sudden. We all feel different emotions when we are excited. Be aware you might have sudden attacks of panic. Excitement and nerves are very related. Keep control of your thoughts and stay positive. Doing the ‘runner’ and not showing up is definitely not the way to go.

5. Be honest, don’t lie about yourself

The information on your profile and who you are should be real information. Pretending to be someone or something you are not. It will not bring you anywhere good. One of the best ways to destroy a relationship is lying.

Lies will always catch you up. No one likes to be told lies, Do you? Lies only end up hurting the other person and causing mistrust. Just remember to be yourself and if your date (bride, hopefully) doesn’t like you for who are, then you are not a match. If this is the case, you can end the date and feel good always because you remained honest to yourself and her.

We hope you find this information in this article useful. Look around for more insightful articles from couples who have succeeded. Yes, we broke away from our lives, met and live a very happy alternative lifestyle. Make a plan. Always have your individual solutions to any problems that may arise. Most of all, be friendly and have a great time.