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How To Find The Perfect Filipina Bride


One great thing about true love is that geographical boundaries cannot stop you from getting the woman of your dreams. The internet and the advent of online dating sites have made things convenient for many people.

You can find the woman of your dreams online, develop a relationship with her and even get married if things go well. Now, this is where Filipino brides come into the picture. You do not have to live in the Philippines to date a Filipina.

In fact, Filipina dating can be done online successfully. Before hooking up with a woman from this Asian country, it pays to know one or two things about Filipinos and their way of life.

The Best of Both Worlds

Philippines is located in a strategic part of the Asian continent. It is called the gateway between the east and the West. Now, this means that people in this country have aspects of eastern and western cultures in their way of life.

This has a positive impact on Filipino women because they are modern in the western sense but they are also reserved and respectful in the eastern sense. This is a great combination and this is what makes hot Filipinas so charming.

Getting Started

You can meet beautiful Filipino women online but you should let things take their natural course. Women from the Philippines are patient and courteous and they expect that you should have these qualities too.

If you try to rush things, the lady you are trying to woo may consider this a bad sign. Give the relationship time to grow and your chances of success will be much higher. This means that when you meet your Filipina online, you should start things off on a polite and friendly note.

Do not come across as a sex-starved Casanova. Your best bet is to get to know the woman by discussing safe topics like sports, career and other aspects of life. Once the woman trusts you and feels safe with you, it is time to move into a more romantic mode.

Overcoming the Language Barrier

People in Philippines speak a number of local languages including Tagalog, Cebuano and Ilokano. In case you are scratching your head already, you should not let the language barrier discourage you.

Millions of educated Filipino women speak English and at least one other international language. In any case, love is a universal language so if you want to date hot Filipinas, you will definitely find a way to get around the language barrier.

Moving from Dating to Marriage

Now, let us assume that your relationship has moved from the purely online stage to the serious stage. Your Filipina has agreed to marry you but you think distance or culture shock may be a problem. The truth is that you do not have anything to worry about.

Millions of Filipino women live abroad and they can easily adjust to new cultures. In any case, it is possible that your wife-to-be comes from a cosmopolitan society. In that case, it will relatively easy for her to fit into your society.

Final Word

As you can see, getting Filipino brides is not a problem. Smart and attractive men can marry beautiful Filipina women if they go about it the right way. If you belong to this category, you will definitely get the wife of your dreams in Philippines.

Dating Site Reviews

Plenty Of Fish Dating Site: For Owners Of A Lonely Heart

There are millions of single individuals out there around this planet looking for a partner in life; however, there are many obstacles which reduce the chance of finding good partners.

For example, these people maybe very busy with their jobs and time does not allow them to socialize with other people. In some situations, they can be very shy and need the prodding of friends to meet new people.

At times, there are people who are very picky when looking for a partner and it takes a long time for them to find someone who really suits their preference. Great thing there’s Plenty of fish dating site which presents many features so owners of a lonely heart would finally meet their beautiful Russian woman or hot Italian stallion.

Before you join plenty of fish dating site, it would be good to learn about a few things regarding this site. Primarily, Plenty of Fish dating site is free and very well known in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, though you will still find plenty of European women or Asian women for dating if that is your goal. So an individual trying to sign up must only come from the aforementioned countries or else they would be rejected.

The site was set-up by Markus Frind and is presently the CEO of the said site. The service is free courtesy of revenues from advertising which currently generates millions of dollars. On top of this, millions of single members looking for dates have met their dates online using plenty of fish dating site.

In 2009, the Markus made a promotional campaign that was really phenomenal. Plenty of Fish dating site made agreements with Lady Gaga’s Monster Tour enabling the single members a chance to see the concert and meet the very popular singer.

Certainly, this kind of campaign gave more boost to plenty of fish dating site.

Plenty of fish dating site is really stands out among the rest of the dating sites because it helps members learn more about their relationship needs. A member would be counseled about the past mistakes made in former relationships. Likewise, numerous topics that are meaningful for people looking for partners are included in the relationship needs portion of the site.

There’s also a chemistry test that can highly predict the probability of having a good match with a member suggested by the site. Because of these features, plenty of fish dating site continually expands as people find satisfying relationships.


Philippines Travel

Travelling To and Around the Philippines

Travellers looking for an Asian adventure have traditionally visited the popular destinations of Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, choosing from any number of pre-organised package tours.

With today’s traveller able to make direct arrangements on the internet, less established destinations are increasingly attracting a new group of tourists and the Philippines is one such example of this.

Comprising over 7,000 islands, it is home to some of the World’s most breathtaking, undisturbed and fascinating locations for those looking for something a little off the beaten track.

Whether it’s scuba diving with Whale Sharks, hiking up volcanoes, exploring underground rivers or simply relaxing on picture perfect white beaches, there is something for everyone and yet, it still remains one of the most under-advertised destinations in SE Asia.

Getting to the Philippines has never been easier with an ever-increasing domestic and international network of airlines operating to and from various regional airports.

Manila International Airport is the country’s official main airport with Clark International, adjacent to Angeles City, fast becoming a popular alternative. As from 1 October 2013, Emirates (international carrier for United Arab Emirates) is adding daily flights in/out of Clark International with other airlines expressing their intention to follow.

Once in the Philippines, there are a number of larger bus operators running between major towns and cities throughout the day and night. Travel rates are cheap and those looking for an authentic experience can even opt for the more basic local services which don’t include aircon although in the height of Summer, this may be too much even for the experienced!

Hop-on/ hop-off jeepneys provide in-town transportation along all major routes or motorbike trikes can be picked up from any street kerb but travellers are reminded to negotiate rates before setting off.philippines

With the additional influx of visitors, real estate developers have reacted quickly and the skylines of Manila, Cebu and Angeles City are now home to beautiful, western style condominium developments for foreigners at price ranges to suit all budgets.

Investors need to tread carefully before buying a condo in the Philippines as there are very specific limits and rules regarding foreign ownership of real estate.

A really useful guide which every foreigner contemplating buying a condominium should read is Mike Williams’ aptly named “A Foreigner’s Guide to Buying a New Condominium in the Philippines”, available from

Amongst other topics, the guide covers the applicable laws, rules & regulations, permits and the sales process together with setting out practical tips for helping choose the right developer.

With a cool drink in hand and the sun setting on the horizon, those who have made the effort to visit this amazing country will surely wonder how much longer the Philippines will remain one of Asia’s best kept secret destinations.

Philippines Travel

Meeting Your Filipina Girlfriend Overseas

How to Plan a Successful First Meeting in The Philippines after Meeting Someone Online

Lovely Filipina Bride

Online brides, marriage services and relationships consulting to bridge the gap between countries are booming. Yes, men are getting their fair choice in life for a change. Getting married to a woman you met online can be very exciting and frightening at the same time. Many others have been before you and succeeded.

Here are some ideas to help!

Meeting a Filipina woman for the first time after you have arranged to visit them in their country can actually be a little more nerve racking than you first think, especially if your intentions are to get married. Those nerves can come on half-way to meeting your Philippine bride-to-be, when you are on a plane, for example.

1. Proper travel arrangements

Safe travel is always important. Just because you are going for love doesn’t mean you can forget about that. Make sure all the arrangements are clear between you and your girl. Hopefully, the woman you are hopping to marry has given you a lot of good advice before you go – if not – check out this site for some great tips on meeting and dating Filipinas.

Verify the locations you are going to visit and do a bit of research about them, this will help you to feel more comfortable and secure. Set convenient times for both of you considering your own personal needs.

2. Learn some basic language and ‘how to’ get around – you don’t want to rely on her only

Who else will help you? Do you know her language? You want to be able to move around independently and feel safe. If you don’t have any friend in the area, you are going to, is a good idea considering about hiring a local guide or even a foreigner who will help you with locations and communication. If possible, take a local tour before you meet her so you will have a general idea of the city, helps you to get a better understanding of the lifestyle and cultural issues.

3. Meet your overseas-to-be-bride for the first time, and physical appearances

Often times we have too high expectations for the first meeting and then later we feel almost let down. This makes us feel discouraged in the online dating world, and also dating in general. Being objective about the situation, remind ourselves we need to keep an open-mind, especially when meeting someone whom we have only been interacting online.

Communicating with someone online and having chemistry with the person is different than meeting face to face and may not feel the same. Sometimes, it is easy to discuss anything on the phone or even online than personally. Don’t forget, our levels of comfort with someone cannot just be judged by online communication.

4. It is normal to feel nervous

Seducing Filipina WomenWe all feel very nervous about our first meeting with someone. That is absolutely normal human behavior. For example, we tend to worry too much about what the other person is going to think about us, and we think too much about what to wear so we look good.

We want to impress. All these factors often result in someone getting nervous, and nerves can come on all of a sudden. We all feel different emotions when we are excited. Be aware you might have sudden attacks of panic. Excitement and nerves are very related. Keep control of your thoughts and stay positive. Doing the ‘runner’ and not showing up is definitely not the way to go.

5. Be honest, don’t lie about yourself

The information on your profile and who you are should be real information. Pretending to be someone or something you are not. It will not bring you anywhere good. One of the best ways to destroy a relationship is lying.

Lies will always catch you up. No one likes to be told lies, Do you? Lies only end up hurting the other person and causing mistrust. Just remember to be yourself and if your date (bride, hopefully) doesn’t like you for who are, then you are not a match. If this is the case, you can end the date and feel good always because you remained honest to yourself and her.

We hope you find this information in this article useful. Look around for more insightful articles from couples who have succeeded. Yes, we broke away from our lives, met and live a very happy alternative lifestyle. Make a plan. Always have your individual solutions to any problems that may arise. Most of all, be friendly and have a great time.

Dating Filipinas

Speaking English and the Philippines: Why it Matters

If you’re looking to find a Filipino bride, and you’ve been told of how loving, affectionate, sweet, and loyal they are then you’ve come to the right place.

Believe it or not, as far away as it may be from your home country, the Philippines has really taken to and popularized the English language. This means, whether online or in person, speaking English can bring you a lot of success with not only finding the best Filipina possible for marriage, but, also one that will be most meaningful to your life.

While Tagalog is the dominant language in the Philippines, English is taught in both schools and the community – and is a major goal for most Filipinos. So, with that being said, if you’re looking to date and one day marry a Filipina, then read on to learn these 5 key points of why speaking English is so advantageous, and certain to get you the Filipina wife of your dreams!

1. English means better communication for you

If you’re always dreamed of or wondered what it would be like to meet and marry the Asian woman of your dreams, then the Philippines makes perfect sense. And, what better way to find true happiness, discover another language, and culture than with one that speaks the native language you are most familiar with?

So, while it’s true better communication can enhance a relationship, this, on top of the reality that Western influence is very strong in the Philippines makes it the perfect fit for Americans and other foreigners seeking a Filipino bride. Even better, Filipinas have managed to combine their own culture, integrate it with American customs, culture, and language!

Filipinas are very ambitious and outgoing towards learning new languages, cultures, and especially English. This means you’ll get extra ‘brownie points’ for speaking it, and chances are whether you meet her online or in person, she’ll speak at least basic English so you two can get to know each other better.

2. A more sophisticated and educated woman

It should be appreciated that Filipinas who speak the most, or are fluent in English are likely to have at least a high school education and some college. This means you will be able to attract and mingle with intellectual, educated, and outgoing beautiful women that have a genuine desire to travel the world, and make a business for themselves one day – or other profitable career.

If and when you visit the Philippines, you’ll notice that those Filipinas who speak English are also often the ones who most likely have traveled before, are familiar with American culture, and have a genuine desire to only date and marry a foreign man.

As we’ll discuss further below, you’ll see that English – and Western influence- can play a major role in raising successful, talented, and intelligent children.

3. Diverse Language and Culture

If you’re Filipino bride searching, you’re going to find that most Filipinas you meet online and in person that speak English also speak Tagalog, but may even speak the local dialect from their home province – which really adds to overall appeal and sophistication.

After all, how many American women can you say you’ve met who can speak such a multitude of languages? So, while yes, the Philippines has its share of economic and or government problems, if you look at it from this perspective you’re sure to appreciate that they truly are bright and unique!

Remember, as far as language goes this works both ways, and means that it would also be an opportunity for you to learn Tagalog or other Filipino languages – should you decide to visit the Philippines.

Filipinas are absolutely gorgeous, petite, take good care of their health, hygiene, and are not like any other Southeast Asian woman you’ll ever meet!

4. Easier for integration back home

Dating and marrying a Filipino bride that speaks English means you have the best of both worlds – so to speak. In other words, you’ll be able to meet and marry a young, sexy, and intelligent Filipina that is also familiar with your culture and language.

So, you don’t have to worry about as many – if at all – weird stares or presumptuous criticism back home from people that think your Filipina lover is just another “Filipino Mail-order Bride”.

This also means that it won’t be so difficult as opposed to you dating, meeting, or marrying an Asian woman from another country like Thailand (albeit they do speak some English there), Cambodia, or Vietnam where more than likely it’ll be a major crap shoot as to whether or not – and how fluent – they actually speak English.

5. Meaningful for raising your own family

When you marry the Filipino Bride of your dreams, you can find peace and pleasure in knowing that it won’t be as difficult to raise them, and that both you and your Filipina wife will be speaking the same – and then some – languages to him or her.

This also opens up the door for major academic endeavors, opportunities, and even international work opportunities for your children one day – just think of all the languages and diversity they’ll have!

Best of all, Filipino culture is extremely unique, loving, and unique in that they take great pride in loyalty, family first, and always being there for their loved ones – no matter how tough life might be. This will also translate into your children’s outlook on life one day.

Last but not least, this makes dating Filipinas online, meeting a Filipino bride, and communicating all the easier before one day visiting the Philippines. And, once you’re here, you’ll be a lot better off in terms of understanding the culture, interacting with Filipinos, and making a life for yourself here – or back home with your Filipino wife.

Because English is spoken so frequently here and U.S. currency is understood in the Philippines, it really adds to overall desirability and benefits to being a major destination for any foreigner looking to meet the perfect Filipino bride.

Dating Filipinas

Seducing a Filipina: 10 Tips for Sweeping Her off Her Feet

Filipinas are cute, funny, outgoing, and adventurous. They absolutely love meeting new people, and if you’re a foreigner then chances are you have a great shot at meeting the perfect, young, sweet, and loving Filipina of your dreams.

It should be no secret that women in the Philippines are some of the kindest, most humble, thoughtful, and rewarding women to be with – in the entire world. They make excellent girlfriends, love to care for their man, and many men travel all the way from North America just for a shot to find their other half here.

So, if you’re looking to meet the Filipina of your dreams, and curious as to what dating will be like, the dos, dont’s, and how to sweep her off her feet, then read on!

1. First off, and this is very important; any notion that you have of Asian (or at least Filipina) “mail order brides” you should wipe from your mind entirely. While this was never even a possibility in the past, nor today – outside of arranged marriage which is illegal – it won’t be in the future either.

In fact, even when beautiful, single, Filipina women could be found in catalogs decades ago, it was to pay an agency for getting in contact with her to see if you were a good fit, not to “sell” her to you, and then mail her on a plane to your doorstep.

Therefore, it’s best you don’t talk about things like this in the Philippines, as it can be offensive, or even hurt your Filipina girlfriend’s feelings. It is a sensitive topic, and at best will create an awkward situation – so focus on the good, and don’t discuss things like this.

happy Filipina with foreign partner

2. Filipinas not only like to be “pampered”, and receive nice gifts or special outings together, but they also demand respect. And though subtle, rest assured that if you don’t give it to her, and be chivalrous to her as she deserves, then you can expect her to lose interest and look elsewhere – or worse, perhaps only care about you for money and stereotype you as just another foreigner looking to get in a “Filipina experience”.

Speaking of cared for, this is a big reason why older foreigners are so well liked, respected, and admired by most, beautiful, and single Filipinas – because they know you can be a provider for them. Which, for many traditional or “old school” men is by no means a problem.

After all, Filipinas make excellent mothers (read more about this below), wives, and are great at cleaning, cooking, and being there to support you through your endeavors.

3. Don’t be too “touchy feely” with your Filipina date, or girlfriend in public. They don’t like it, and if you really want to impress them and make them happy, ask first, or just give a simple kiss on the cheek – or even better hand to show her your affection and that you know how to be romantic.

4. Show a genuine interest in your Filipina date’s life, her family, friends, and ask about where she envisions her future to be. Keep in mind, family is nearly the most important part of her life, other than God for those that are religious (most are Catholic or Christian), so it’s important that you show an interest in, are likable, and respectful towards those that mean the most to her – family.

5. Going off the last piece of advice, never, ever insult her religion, or make insults and inappropriate comments about God or church. Even if you’re an atheist, it’s best to keep quiet as to avoid insulting, offending her, or making her feel bad – and what kind of boyfriend would want to do that? Save the politics for another day.

6. Offer to carry your Filipinas bags, or other luggage, hold the doors for her, and always let her enter a place that you’re visiting first. Doing this will not only show respect and consideration, but will also demonstrate your willingness to adapt to her culture, her wants, needs, desires, and what she’s grown accustomed to by other men or through observing her own family and their relationships.

Filipina girl and her partner at a yacht club

7. Always ask your Filipina date or lover how she is doing and if she is okay. Most are very good at hiding their problems and being optimistic, bright people that will often not share their troubles.

Even if you cannot help her with her problems, it’s always nice to show interest, genuine care, and be a shoulder for her to lean on – which will also bring you closer.

8. Filipinas are such positive women that they are likely to do best with a man that is likewise positive and happy. So, rest assured that the best Filipina women will be optimistic, smile a lot, and should make you smile too. Don’t be afraid to laugh a lot, or make jokes, just be careful what kind of jokes you make.

If in doubt, or you’re still getting to know each other avoid jokes that may be offensive, and instead just focus on laughing a lot and enjoying your life and “bonding” time together.

9. Be thoughtful with any gifts you buy her, and no matter how large or small, thoughtfulness will always exceed money. Therefore, keep in mind that typically Filipinas are anything but materialistic, but rather quite humble, and would much rather you make something for her or buy something relevant to her interests – or needs.

Filipinas absolutely love chocolates, and chances are she probably knows of more brands and types than you! They also adore stuffed animals, and other sweet, “simpler” gifts.

10. Last but not least, invite her friends to come and hang out with you, and encourage her to feel comfortable in doing so. This will give her an opportunity to let her friends or girlfriends provide feedback on you, which you better believe is significant, and can very well lay down the framework for her trusting you, or taking the relationship to the next level in the future.

Filipina Brides Philippines Travel

Where To Find Beautiful Women From The Philippines?

The Philippines is known not only for its beautiful landscape but also for its beautiful and charming ladies. Many foreign men are dreaming of marrying Filipino brides.

These women are dedicated, sweet and conservative. If you are looking for Filipina girls for marriage, you must visit these places:


1. Manila. The capital of the country is the best place to start off. Life in the city is quite different from the provinces. Girls generally have college degrees and most of them work in call centers, banks and government offices.

Many ladies also live in extreme poverty and struggle to survive on a daily basis. In spite of the poor situation, studying in a university is their primary goal. This is due to the fact that work opportunities are rare for those who don’t possess a diploma.


2. Cebu. The island in the heart of the Visayas region. It’s just impossible to resist its charm. Known for its white-sand beaches, Cebu is also popular for its smooth skinned women.

They are well-educated and they speak perfect English. Many of them travel to Manila or work abroad after getting a degree. The lifestyle, although modern in many aspects, is still heavily influenced by Catholicism.

Hence, they put faith and family as the center of their lives. Chastity is also very important and engaging in pre-marital sex is a big no.


3. Davao. Famous for being the cleanest city in the Philippines, this is the place to go if you are searching for Filipina dating and marriage. Get ready to meet decent girls with sun-kissed skin.

Respect for women is expected from tourists. If you don’t want to get into trouble, it is best to research first about the city’s values and traditions before visiting.


4. Iloilo. The province is famous for ancient churches, paradise beaches and of course pretty ladies with a sweet smile. Even when they are angry, the tone of their voice is still calm and soothing.

Iloilo is also well-advanced in terms of technology, fashion and overall lifestyle.

Philippine brides from this place are modern but not liberal. Just like Cebuanas, they value their faith and put family on top of their priorities.

These are just some of the places in the Philippines where you can meet your dream Filipino bride. It is important to learn about the country’s traditions and values so you know what to expect. If you have the best intentions, you will surely succeed in finding your ideal wife.

Dating Filipinas

Ten (10) “Tagalog” Words You Should Learn when Dating a Filipina

filipina-exotic-beautyThe title is actually a misnomer. Tagalog is in fact just one of the languages spoken in the Philippines, mostly by people in the northern part of the archipelago. The national language is called Filipino but since about 80 percent of words in Filipino are Tagalog, I think the reason for the erroneous allusion is obvious. I am not an expert so I’d leave the debate to academics.

There are very obvious and practical reasons why it is important to learn Tagalog words or phrases when visiting the Philippines. “People are strange when you’re a stranger, everything’s different when you’re alone,” as how The Doors in a popular song puts it. Here are 10 Tagalog words you might find useful when you are in a club or bar. There is no guarantee they can get you a date, but trust me you will find them useful.

1. Ano ang pangalan mo? Ako nga pala si (put your name or alias here)?

English: What’s your name? By the way I am (name or alias here)?

2. Ako ay mula sa (put your country or state here)? Taga-saan ka?

English: I am from (country or state)? Where are you from? (note: By this, you are asking her which part of the Philippines she comes from).

3. Anong gusto mong kainin?

English: What do you want to eat? (literally, though awkward sounding in English). Some variations you might want to look into: Anong gusto mong _____________:

a. inumin (drink)
b.panoorin (see/watch) – if you’re inviting her to a movie
c. pag-usapan (talk) – if you want to ask her what she wants to talk about
d. malaman (know) – hence, “anong gusto mong malaman?” is “What do you want to know?”

4. Ihahatid na kita.

English: I can drive you home (if you want). This is actually a polite way of asking if you can drive her home. Get this right and she may even ask you to drive her somewhere else.

5. May gagawin ka ba mamayang gabi?

English: Are you free tonight?

6. Gusto ko makatikim ng lutong-bahay.

English: I want to try homecooked (Filipino) dishes. (Why? Why not. Pretty self-explanatory)

7. Pwede mo ba akong samahan?

hot-seducing-filipinaEnglish: Can you accompany me to…. You can add these words to qualify:
a. manood ng sine – see a movie
b. kumain – eat (lunch, dinner or snack)
c. sa (name of place here) – so literally, “Pwede mo ba ako samahan sa Cebu” means Can you accompany me to Cebu.

8. Wala na akong pera

English: I am short of cash (This phrase seemingly does not belong in the crowd but trust me it will become handy).

9. Pasensya na may hinihintay ako.

English: Sorry but I am expecting somebody.

10. Pasensya na may gagawin ako mamaya.

English: Sorry but I am not free tonight.

I’ll try to post more next time, depending on readers’ feedback. Good luck.